There are a good many expressions that we use in the SCA, within our region (kingdom), and even locally, to give a medieval flavor to our speech, or to convey a modern or complex idea in an abbreviated form.  Don't worry, you, too can carry on in this way, and this humble lexicon will help.  New terms are constantly being added, so come back often, and make suggestions of your own..

garb n.- all clothing, shoes, headwear, jewelry and accoutrements that give you a medieval appearance, or garbedv. to be dressed in a fair approximation of a person in medieval times.

gentle n. - any person, male or female, or pl. a group consisting of lords and ladies. ex="welcome to my home, good gentles."

feast n. a banquet prepared and served in medieval fashion, or v. to eat and/or enjoy a meal prepared and served at an event.

mundane adj. - describes any modern object, person or practice in an SCA context. Any talk of football or politics at an event is so dreadfully mundane. Also n. a person not familiar with SCA manners and dress, "let's go to the convenience store and freak the mundanes" or modern devices, etc. in an SCA context, ex: sunglasses worn inside a fighting helmet.

forsoothly adj.- how you carry yourself, act, speak that is not in a modern fashion, ex. "we are learning to speak forsoothly."

lord or lady n. a male or female person. Also, when capitalized, used as a title, to denote those persons who have received an Award of Arms at court. Usage: "my lords" or "my ladies" to address any group of one gender.

steward n. - a person in charge, usually of some aspect related to an event.  An event steward, feast steward, or reservations steward. Comparable to the more archaic terms autocrat, feastcrat, or reserv-ocrat.

Look, there are LOTS of terms that need to be on here, and you can help.  Send your helpful entries to: and help me make this a huge resource.  Many Thanks!